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Sharda Welfare Foundation represents the philanthropic initiative of Sharda Group.

Sharda Group has been executing several community welfare activities in the field of healthcare, education and environment since its inception from last 25 years. Sharda Group launched Sharda Welfare Foundation for the purpose of standardisation of all these welfare activities and also to strengthen its corporate social responsibility by reaching out to the masses in the economically weaker communities by working in the field of environment, education and healthcare.

The best gift that we can give to our future generation is good quality air to breathe, clean and uncontaminated water to drink and healthy and nutritious food to eat. Apart from this accessibility to basic health care facilities and education are the basic pillars of any developed economy. Providing better healthcare facilities to the marginalised community, spreading awareness about the protection of environment and importance of education through various outreach programs has been the primary focus of Sharda Welfare Foundation.

Sharda Welfare Foundation has structured it’s working into following domains for community development – Health care improvement, skilling the youth, education, cleanliness and waste management. The Sharda Welfare Foundation focuses on the social initiatives of Sharda Group which include Sharda University – Greater Noida, Sharda University – Uzbekistan, Sharda Hospital, Maxwell Biotech, Sharda World School, Hindustan Institute of Engineering and Management, Anand college of Engineering and RSPL. The foundation emphasises into addressing some significant issues for economically backward rural section of the society like health care and education, women empowerment, contributing towards the skill development initiate of Government of India and eventually making a deeper and concrete impact in the society.

Sharda Welfare Foundation was established with the vision of Chairman of Sharda Group Shri P K Gupta to make a positive impact in the lives of economically weaker section of the societies by improving healthcare and education, enabling them with skills, providing better infrastructure, water, sanitation, better health care facilities and also making the communities aware about the importance of keeping our environment clean.

Our patriarch Shri P K Gupta is the inspiration and guiding force behind Sharda Welfare Foundation who strongly believe that the engagement with the community must be deep, robust, meaningful with the long term vision of impacting the lives of the under privileged sections of the society and thus giving back to the society. The foundation mostly works in the communities which are located in the vicinity of the campuses of Sharda Group i.e. Sharda University Greater Noida, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Management and Anand engineering college Agra are located.

Sharda Welfare Foundation also contributes to the Nation Building by spreading awareness to the weaker and underprivileged section of the rural section of the society about various Government Initiatives like Swach Bharat Mission, waste management , segregation and disposal of waste material, livestock health awareness, promoting organic farming, skilling the youth. Sharda Welfare Foundation strongly believes that these welfare driven activities for the weaker section of the society will not only improve the livelihood of these individuals and their families but would also make a robust and liveable nation for the future generations.

Sharda Welfare

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